About us

Vivero marketing is a digital marketing agency that specialises in customer acquisition. We rely on advanced programmatic techniques to run highly targeted direct marketing campaigns.

We Are Specialists In
Lead Generation

  • Customized email campaigns
  • Targeted SEO campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Campaign design and setup
  • HTML files creation

We segment the audience by gender split, age split

We operate campaigns
in more than 20 GEOS

We can target
any device

We utilise industry leading marketing software

to offer a complete service to our clients. We provide comprehensive post transmission reporting.

Get your product of service recognised

Our team specialises in affiliate marketing, emailing, SEO and social network management and will diligently tailor a plan to match your goals.

We constantly seek to drive highly targeted users

using techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence. Exceeding clients expectations in terms of both service levels and campaign outcomes are something we truly believe in.